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A time of fog and drizzle in the vineyard, and the first frosts.
Halfway between Autumn and Winter, November is a time for remembrance and nostalgia.

"A la Saint-Martin, l'hiver fait son chemin"
"On St. Martin's day (the 11th of November) winter is here to stay"

In the vineyard, it's time to:
  • Start preliminary pruning if all the leaves have fallen
    This task is essential because it helps to pave the way for the next crop. Pruning requires careful thought and a good knowledge of viticulture. This preparatory pruning consists of removing unwanted canes and keeping just two, that will be shortened (in February/March). This will leave:
    • a fruit-bearing cane for the next harvest
    • a renewal spur from which the following year's fruit cane will grow
In the cellar, it's time to:
  • Stir the wine lees
  • Top up the barrels
  • Taste
    The new wine begins to reveal its qualities. The previous vintage is tasted from barrel by importers and trade professionals before bottling (February/March).