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A sexy vintage, especially for white wines!
Weather conditions and vine development
Flowering in Spring was disturbed by cold, wet weather that caused shot berries and abnormal fruit set in certain vineyards.
Temperatures stayed low thereafter and were less than the seasonal averages in August and September.
Vegetative growth was slow and punctuated by many storms. Careful attention was required in the vineyard as well as carefully timed, sustainable treatments against oidium and mildew.
A much hoped-for North wind finally arrived on the 14th of September. This swept away the clouds, and the sun shone brightly in a blue sky. The cool, dry, sunny weather enabled the grapes to continue ripening under ideal conditions.
It was essential at this stage to test sugar levels and direct pickers to plots that had reached physiological ripeness.
The harvest began on the 25th of September, and the grapes were beautiful. The last ones were brought in on the 6th of October from our plot of Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Beaune Blanc.
When all was said and done, and after months of stress, laboratory analyses of freshly-pressed juice and wine in vat were encouraging. Sugar levels were very satisfactory and balanced with beautiful acidity.
The 2008 vintage is clearly promising, with powerful aromas and freshness in the white wines, and concentration and beautiful colour in the reds.
There is thus every reason to hope for a fine white wine vintage, and the small yield of red wine grapes was also a good sign.
Vintage characteristics − white wines
The white wines are astonishingly aromatic and crisp.
They have an exquisite, deliciously sensual bouquet with a wide range of aromas including almond, vanilla, lime blossom, green apple, and lemon for the more understated wines, and mango and pineapple for the most sophisticated ones.
Bright and tangy on the palate, these wines are mouth-filling and stimulating. Some wines have sweet, spicy overtones that offset the exciting sensation of freshness.
Sexy and revitalising, the 2008 white wines are irresistible and deserve cellaring for several years.
Vintage characteristics − red wines
Every bit as charming, the red wines also have a great deal of character!
Pinot Noir frm the 2008 vintge has delicious red fruit flavours and round tannin.
The red wines have a structure midway between silk and velvet, and between freshness and substance.
They are mostly open and easy-going, with interesting tannin that excites curiosity and bodes well for ageing potential.