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Incredible aromatic potential for whites
Vine development and weather conditions
In early June, temperatures rose sharply and stayed at that level throughout the month (20°-25°C). As a result, the vegetation rapidly developed and flowering took place quickly. In one week, the vines went from the early flowering stage to bearing 2-3mm berries.
July was hot, even sweltering, during the last two weeks of the month.
In August, the weather suddenly changed. The sun shone less than usual; it was cold and rain swept onto the scene.
Finally, September came and blew the clouds away; temperatures rose back to Summer levels and the rain stopped.
Taking advantage of the favorable weather conditions, I decided to get the most out of it I could, and waited until September 21 to harvest.
And for once, the grapes on the Côte were at the same level of maturity as on the Hautes Côtes.
Vintage characteristics − white wines
Analysis on the evening of the first day of the harvest revealed which way the qualitative characteristics of the 2006 vintage would lean. For whites: maturity levels were high and there was good acidity.
The quality of the fruit picked and the very scant amount of botrytis made for highly aromatic wines.
Throughout the barrel aging, this palette of aromas grew more refined and its rich mouthfeel became more structured, with a nice acidic backbone.
The wines are both intense and sharp, rich and fresh, fruity and buttery… very promising and quite seductive.
Vintage characteristics − red wines
As for Pinot Noir, the Summer's climatic ups and downs necessitated drastic sorting and attentive vinification.
One year after the harvest, the results are satisfying.
Depending on the terroir, the wines are refined and elegant, some are deep and fleshy, while others are intense and lush.
Aromas range from red fruits to black fruits, from raspberries to blackberries, sometimes mixed with cherries, spices and cocoa.