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A year marked by millerandage (abnormal fruit set)
Vine development and weather conditions
Spring 1995 had its fair share of troubles. Flowering was difficult due to unstable weather, and the cold temperatures hampered pollination. This caused considerable damage in the white wine grapes, where there was considerable millerandage, or abnormal fruit set.
July and August, were warm and stormy, followed by a cool, wet month of September.
However, sunshine returned on September 20th, and the harvest took place in ideal conditions.
Vintage characteristics − white wines
Picking began in Bâtard-Montrachet on September 23rd, and the grapes came in with 13.6° potential alcohol.
Yields were low because of millerandage. The quality, however, was very good thanks to rich, concentrated, flavourful juice balanced by good acidity. The 1995 white wines have a similar profile to the 1994s, but with more complexity and finesse. These elegant wines combine the intensity of the 1989s and the strength and vivaciousness of the 1990s.
Good aging potential.
Vintage characteristics − red wines
After finishing with the white wine grapes, pickers started harvesting Pinot Noir on September 26th. The grapes were quite small due to millerandage, and thus had an above-average skin to pulp ratio. This produced wines with considerable color and fruit after maceration. The tannins are soft and round.